Reservations, Rentals and Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I make a reservation?

- So long as it is not on Friday or Saturday evening, then you can make a reservation to ensure that you and your party get in.  Please contact to confirm.  Reserved and guest lists have proven to be far too difficult to manage on these two nights.  Sorry.

2.  Can I reserve a table?

- Given the unique design of the space, and how much people move within the space, we do not do table reservations.

3.  Can minors (under 19) come to Tilt?

- If each individual minor is accompanied by an adult (1 minor/1 adult) we're cool with minors in our bar until 8pm.  Really we just don't want kids birthday parties/groups of kids in here, so if you've got a couple of kids in tow and you can control them then you're welcome in here, otherwise go to Chucky Cheese.

4.  Can I rent/buy out the space?

- You can rent/buy out the space during non 'open' hours, when we are advertised as being open, the space is not for rent.  Our rental rate varies on a per-use basis, so get in touch at and let us know what you'd like to do, and we can give you a quote.