Want to check out Tilt?  How we work is pretty simple.  Unless it is Monday or Tuesday, there is a $5 cover to come in, and we have over 45 different vintage arcades, consoles, pinballs and more all set to free play for you to experience.

Monday - 6pm - 2am (2 for 1 Cover)

Tuesday - 6pm - 2am (toonie tuesday - admission is $2)

Wednesday - 6pm - 2am (brine your mind - pickleback and pickled fries $8)

Thursday - 6pm - 2am (slam tilt thursdays! - shot and a beer for $8)

Friday - 6pm - 2am (live DJ's in a wicked arcade party atmosphere)

Saturday - 4pm - 2am (live DJ's in a wicked arcade party atmosphere)

Sunday - 4pm - 2am (nothing but good times in a relaxed environment)

Reservations - please note that we do not do any reservations on Friday and Saturdays.  From Sunday to Thursday, if you are a group smaller than ten people, you should not have any trouble coming in (we're a big space!), and if you would like to make a reservation for six or more people, please contact Hello@TiltToronto.com

Private Rentals - Tilt is available for private bookings during non business hours.  If you are interested in booking out Tilt, please contact Hello@TiltToronto.com

Birthday Policy - we do not charge an entrance fee if it is your birthday

Table Reservations - due to the unique design of the space, and the fact that we expect you to move all over Tilt playing the different games, we do not do table reservations

Minors Policy - minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian on a 1:1 ratio.  No minors allowed in Tilt after 8pm.